Scorpio And Fatal Attraction

More Stinger Insight: A quiet and sober reality is that the combination of extreme possessiveness, jealousy and dominance inherent in the Scorpio personality can result in Scorpio relationships with shades of domestic violence. Perhaps no other sign if more linked to love affairs that shift into fatal attractions or traumatic crimes of passion. People with an abundance of planets in the 8th house or with tense Pluto -Mars aspects may also participate in violent relationships, either as initiator or victim since both the 8th house and Pluto are naturally associated with Scorpio. The downward spiral of a Scorpio relationship into the realm of abuse is often a surprise even to Scorpio, who is consciously acting on the need to possess and maintain…. by any means necessary.  Rarely does Scorpio consciously desire to hurt the ones they love. When they do, it is often only verbal or psychological wounding. Signs that a Scorpio’s wrath could turn physical (& even fatal): The Scorpio man or woman has a habit of physically

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Truths About Having Sex With A Scorpio

Brace yourself for some seriously hot stuff.

Scorpios have an unfair rap for a lot of things, like being the sign most associated with demonic possessions and serial killers. (Really.)

However, we totally deserve the reputation we have for being the sexiest sign of the zodiac. Sex with a Scorpio is just sexier than sex with any other sign because sex is our thing.

Really, remember in Chris Rock’s song “No Sex (In The Champagne Room)?” Even he explains: “Scorpio, you’re gonna die f*ckin’.”

Still, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows and whips and chains. Here are nine sometimes hard-to-swallow truths about having sex with a Scorpio. Brace yourself, kids.

1. Scorpios have an endless sex drive. 

If you were born between October 23 and November 21, no matter what your age or gender, you will have the libido of a somewhat perverted 15-year-old boy. If you’re with a Scorpio, he or she will be ready and willing whenever you are. Unless you make them angry, in which case, join the witness protection program and hope for the best.

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Brutal Truths About Loving A Scorpio

Don’t even bother trying to figure a Scorpio out.

True story: I was once minding my business, drinking green tea in Starbucks, when this woman I’d never met approached me and said, “Are you a Scorpio? You guys are horrible people.”

She was mostly right: I am a Scorpio, and I am a horrible person. But being a horrible person has little to do with my astrological sign, which if anything should be one of my few redeeming qualities.

Here’s why: Scorpios are regarded as the sexiest sign in the zodiac, and we’re also too honest to say that we don’t enjoy bragging about that fact. (And it is a fact, or at least as much fact as the rest of astrology is.)

We’re a fixed sign ruled by both Mars and Pluto, because why settle for one planet when you’re this cool? (And yes, Pluto was declared a planet again, which we all saw coming because, well, I’ll get to that in a minute.)

As amazing as we are, dating a Scorpio isn’t always easy — just ask this guy. If you are dating (or have dated) a Scorpio, chances are the following things are true.

And if you’re planning on dating a Scorpio zodiac sign, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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The Scorpio Dominatrix

Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned,” wrote William Congreve in his play, The Mourning Bride. I believe he was speaking of a Scorpio woman. When seeking revenge, she will wait patiently until her enemy or competition is at his weakest before she attacks. When people meet Miss Scorpio, they react in one of two ways. They either come closer to find out more about her, or they get as far away from her as possible.

She appears to act cold at times; however, the truth is she feels so deeply that she needs alone time to process what life is handing her. Her powerful emotions come from Scorpio’s ruling astrological planet, Pluto, which represents life, death, and regeneration. This cycle describes, perfectly, a Scorpio woman preparing for the next phase of her life. Feeling so deeply contributes to the passionate temper of a Scorpio. The more immature Scorpios may prove to be very jealous and untrusting—two feelings that go hand-in-hand. However, although Miss Scorpio is labeled the wicked woman in comparison to women born under other Sun signs, her nasty behavior isn’t displayed very often, especially as she gets older. She is more often very generous and sweet. She has an incredible sense of intuition and will use it to her advantage when choosing friends and lovers. It’s just that Mars, her other ruling planet, inspires an aggressive temper that gets her into trouble.

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Scorpio Female And Trust

As a Scorpio female, you have no problem walking out on anyone who has lost your trust and respect.

I’m sure this statement has plague quite a few minds, unable to figure out the right answer. And I would say that this might not be so either. We are all uniquely individual and just keep in mind, that this is only a general statement. There’s a lot more, but remember to always be yourself, we don’t like fake people or liars.

  • Scorpio woman wants a man who respects her and loves her endlessly for exactly who she is(loyalty).

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Scorpio Woman S e x u a l Traits

Mia-Khalifa-1Scorpio Woman In Love

The Scorpio woman is considered to be the most mysterious and s e x i e s t out of all the other zodiac signs. She is a very emotional and passionate character. As a result of her mysterious nature, most of the times she will conceal her innermost feelings.

However, when she discovers who her future partner will be she will love him, and she will do so fiercely and loyally. She will always support him in all aspects of his life and defend him as well.

The Scorpio female is an extremely attractive being and will more often than not, have men chasing her all the time. However, she is not a fan of flirting and prefers to remain devoted to the man she dates.

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