You are committed, loyal, jealous, unforgiving, secretive and inflexible. The Scorpions are known as passionate lovers. Relationships with Scorpions always promise of excitement and exploring the forbidden world of love and lust. Scorpions are known to win love very easily. People get easily influenced by their secretive and enigmatic nature and get drawn towards

them. Scorpions can also boast about great looks.

You have a lot more physical energy. Mars is all about striking while the iron is hot! Just make sure that you’re not acting rashly. Mars can also add pressure and stress, so you could be feeling a bit impatient and argumentative with a loving partner.

Retrograde Mars helps you to stand up for yourself and to be direct about your desires. You could feel more confident, magnetic and attractive. You may be deeply in touch with your own truth and makes you express it. This is the time to look forward for a relationship on a clear and honest foundation. There’s no more hiding, no more holding back. You are who you are, and anyone who wants to join you will have to adore and celebrate that.

You might need to back up and resolve past issues with a partner in order to move forward. Both you and a loved one have said things you don’t mean. Make amends now and you’ll soon see there’s far too much fun to be had to allow such dramatics to take centre stage. Rebuild this relationship with trust and integrity.

While it’s tough to let go, this is a necessary step in bringing a person closer to you. Be careful not to go to extremes and cut off someone who loves you just because he has a mind of his own. It can actually be the beginning of honest dialogue or relationship recovery. Your love life becomes more about commitment and steadiness.

Don’t give so much importance to the size or quantity of your entertainments, since a simple gift in a given moment can have great sentimental value. – If you are good at writing poetry, you could try your hand at it and send your love a sentimental card or a hand-crafted one, with beautiful embellishments and decorations.




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