Scorpio And Talking Dirty

Conversely, Scorpio knows no bounds s e x u a l l y, or s e x u a l l y speaking. If there’s a sign that can handle a string of four letter words intermingled with hard, wet, pierced, plunged, sucked and spanked, it’s this stinger. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The catch is, unlike Gemini, Virgo or Pisces (other signs who are particularly like to talk dirty), there’s no need for elaborate scenarios here. Just get to the point. Scorpio wants to be consumed by s e x, as if their entire identity begins from the moment foreplay is initiated. That said, keep in mind that no time is inappropriate for s e x talk here. After all, for this sign, a seduction is always in progress.

Talk dirty to me or Text me dirty…tactic…

You are having a conversation with Scorpio that is far from romantic or s e x u a l. Even if Scorpio is in the middle of saying something, interrupt them with one of your s e x u a l fantasies. After which, you coax Scorpio to share one with you.

Tell Scorpio another fantasy and ask for another. While they are talking, interrupt again and say that they should come back to your place so you two can act out some fantasies together.

If you are already at their place or yours, “get down” right then and there.

The Tease…tactic…

One technique a woman or gay man can use on a Scorpio man is this tactic.

Its work much like, The let’s play with ourselves” together…tactic…

It takes advantage of Scorpio’s love of being mentally stimulated.

Use your s e x i e s t, phone s e x voice;

Ladies can be like Marilyn Monroe with her breathy, “Happy birthday Mr. President” and speak that way to him.
That Scorpio male will melt.

The Hidden Lure…tactic…

This one is a bit daring, but if your game… It is also useful when you want to seduce Scorpio men.


You are out to dinner with some people and your Scorpio man, (doesn’t matter who your fellow dinners are one bit).

You are wearing a short s e x y  dress, preferably black.

When you are ready, lean into Scorpio, whisper in his ear; “I am going commando” or, “I’m wearing nothing underneath my dress”.

Believe me, he’ll be all ears…

If you happen to be even more daring than that and you are at a dinner party at someone’s home…

Find a seat across the room from your Scorpio’s gaze, get his attention and do a “Sharon stone”. Woo Ha.

The Call Girl…tactic…

Another one to use if you want to seduce a Scorpio man. Scenario:

You set up a dinner date with Scorpio where you meet him at the parking lot.

Dress like a slut; boobs out, short skirt, stilettos… The works.

You get out of your car and say, “I am not interested in eating food, I am interested in licking dessert. Let’s go home.

Seductress or Seducer 3- I’m Celibate, Please Stop Turning Me On…tactic…

This can be used by a woman or a man to seduce Scorpio with a few adjustments of course.

After making out with Scorpio, use a seductive voice and ask Scorpio these questions. Make your tone devilish and angelic at the same time.

What you’re aiming to do is tantalize Scorpio. Place your hand somewhere on the forearm if Scorpio is a man or on the shoulder if Scorpio’s a woman.

Start caressing them there and say:

“I don’t want you to get turned on, are you turned on?”

“If you got too worked up you know what may happen, you wouldn’t force me would you?”

…kiss again long and say:

“Just don’t get too aroused now, don’t think about what you want me to do, you won’t make me do it would you?”

If this doesn’t work, find another to seduce.




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