Scorpio In Love with the 12 Signs

When passion is one of the fundamental driving forces in life then falling in love has great intensity, and all the signs can offer alluring incentives.

Scorpio in love with a Scorpio: This encounter is not very frequent. Loving oneself mirrored in a pool of water like Narcissus is not easy. There is the advantage of being confronted with one’s own reality, but the position of the other planets can define a different approach to love. Passion is intense and lasting.

Scorpio in love with a Sagittarius: These are two neighbouring zodiac signs so it is possible that Sagittarius has Venus in Scorpio or vice-versa. The second sign works beneficially on the first, giving a more optimistic and serene vision of life, but which can sometimes seem a little superficial to Scorpio. This union can be enduring.

Scorpio in love with a Capricorn: There is a deep understanding between these two signs involving psychoanalytic and ancestral factors. The Water of Scorpio fertilises the Capricornian Earth which can be hard and wild. The confrontation can be stimulating though the secrecy of the two can make their relation a little like a novel. It can become a stable relationship.

Scorpio in love with an Aquarius: The differences are deep and difficult to overcome. There tends to be a certain amount of suspicion on the part of Scorpio which disturbs and offends the Aquarian mentality, who does not appreciate having anyone intrude on their freedom of thought or movement. This can create Scorpionic jealousies which are difficult to get over. A lot depends on the other planets.

Scorpio in love with a Pisces: This is one of the ideal unions in the history of famous, and not, love stories. These two similar worlds understand each other automatically: they look for each other and connect communicating through their intuition and instinct more than words, and even psychically. Numerous marriages and long-lasting unions are based on this combination, which takes advantage of the masochism of Pisces and the authority of Scorpio.

Scorpio in love with an Aries: Things can go very well, contrary to appearances. These two signs are traditionally ruled by Mars and as such both have fighting personalities that can love and understand each other intensely, even though they have fundamentally different approaches to life. Aries frankness can astound and fascinate the secretive Scorpio.

Scorpio in love with a Taurus: Here is a deep and gut level fatal attraction. It is a fascinating and passionate dialogue between opposites. The ancients portrayed it as a solid bull with a scorpion on its back ready to sting its neck, its most delicate part. From this it can be understood as being tormented and dramatic.

Scorpio in love with a Gemini: This combination releases confrontations. The apparent naivety and vivaciousness of Gemini is seductive to Scorpio intensity, leading it to new learning experiences and provoking it with libertarian attitudes that opens it up. This can be a very intense, at times brief, relationship, always pleasant to recall for both. Geminis understand more than they appear to!

Scorpio in love with a Cancer: This is another traditional and unique fatal attraction that can bring to life a romantic serial or original marriage based on deep affinities. The sense of the family that they have in common is very important. Both can face battles in life that go on for decades. They make good accomplices.

Scorpio in love with a Leo: This match is not an easy one. Both are characterised by strong personalities that want to dominate, Leo in an naively open way and Scorpio with subtle ability and reserve. It is worth trying this encounter calmly as it can easily become a conflict, determining important ups and downs.

Scorpio in love with a Virgo: This can be a successful combination. Both are secretive, reserved, acute observers, equal in many ways, giving rise to an intelligent partnership that takes into account many other factors apart from love, when they have to take a definitive decision about their union. Both know how to ‘capture’ the other with refined ability.

Scorpio in love with a Libra: This is a dialogue between neighbouring zodiac signs so it is possible that Libra has Venus in Scorpio or vice-versa. This would explain and clarify a fatal attraction even destined to become a lasting union. The more ephemeral world of Libra can be handy for playing down the excesses of Scorpio.





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