Three Different Types Of Scorpio People

The deaneries are 36 groups of small constellations that rise consecutively on the horizon through each terrestrial rotation. Because each one appears every 10 days the Greeks called them dekanos, or “chief of ten”. The new star systems that according to experts in astrology modify the behavior and destiny of those born even within the same sign. In today’s article, we will show the differences and fundamental characteristics of the 3 types of Scorpio

Group One

They tend to get involved in the pursuit of pleasure when they are young. The planet that governs them is Mars. The person born under this dean may have the power equivalent to the other two, possessing the strongest characteristics of his symbol. Extremely brave, magnetic and with many resources, in addition to the mystery that has always described them. By nature, they are secret and reserved, despite that they love being the focus of attention, although no one will ever know. They are deeply passionate and are blessed with enthusiasm and energy. In love, they are completely dedicated and loyal to their peers, demanding reciprocal treatment. They detest betrayal and usually suppose the end of their relationships. The most negative thing is that they can feed their rancor and crave revenge

Group Two

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