#Sexuality Traits of the Zodiac Sign #Scorpio

Scorpio is fascinated by the emotional dimension of sex and any sensual activities. Well, to Scorpio just about everything has a sensual ingredient. The attraction, the lustfulness, and the passion bubbling under the surface, are to Scorpio the Sexuality true delights of sex. The physical act may be a way to reach this, but far from the only way.

Scorpio is all about emotions. The more intense they are, the better for Scorpio. Others may not be aware of this, because Scorpio tends to keep them inside – but there, hidden from view, they are often seismic.

The key word for Scorpio is passion. But that’s an emotion often misunderstood. Passion is a feeling so strong that it can’t be expressed properly. It’s like when you have such a turmoil inside that you have to put a lid on it – you whisper instead of scream, you tiptoe instead of rushing ahead. Passion is on the verge of explosion, which has a deceitful calm about it.

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United States Of America Birth Chart Scorpio Ascendant

Clock on Independence Hall shows 2:22

Supporters of an early hours (Gemini Rising) or an early afternoon (Scorpio Rising) launch, point out to the time on the clock tower of Independence Hall where the Declaration was signed as depicted on the US $100 note. The hands of the clock are hard to discern but point to 2:21 or (as claimed in the albeit fictional movie National Treasure (2004) with Nicholas Cage) 2:22. This time could, of course, be am or pm or perhaps the clock shows 4:10.


Scorpio Rising as per Vedic Astrology
July 4, 1776, 4:50 PM
In: Philadelphia (PA) (United States)

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